Pathways is a three year professional development program for staff new to Lutheran schools.  It provides the opportunity to explore the life and practice of the school and role of staff in these elements.

Pathways: Spiritual focus

This program focuses on spiritual development and provides an orientation to Lutheran theology and an overview of the practice of Lutheran schooling.  Pathways (Spiritual) is required of all staff.

Pathways (Spiritual) explores the Lutheran perspective on spirituality through eight themes:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Stories
  3. God’s story with his people
  4. God’s message for me
  5. Community of faith
  6. God’s special creations
  7. Fulfilled in relationship
  8. Vocation through service

Pathways: Theological focus

Pathways (Theological) provides staff with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of Lutheran theology and how it informs Lutheran education so they can better understand the Lutheran school ethos.

Pathways (Theological) is required of teachers who need to gain accreditation as a teacher or non teaching staff who require accreditation as a leader.

Pathways (Theological) seeks to:

  • Encourage and support participants ongoing personal faith journey
  • Explore, reflect on and discuss ways in which school life and theology intersect
  • Engage with the central themes of Lutheran theology and consider the implications for the daily activities of Lutheran schools
  • Examine diversity in beliefs and practices, and consider the implications for staff in Lutheran schools
  • Apply theological understanding to a variety of settings as they relate to both professional practice and personal life
  • Assist participants in living out the Christian faith by contributing theology to thinking and decision making processes


  1. God’s living word
  2. Two ways God cares
  3. Learning and teaching
  4. Caring relationships
  5. Freedom
  6. Strength in suffering
  7. Worship

Pathways: Vocational focus

Pathways (Vocational) provides staff with an opportunity to focus on how they individually contribute to the mission of the Lutheran school as they live out their vocation.

Pathways (Vocational) is required of teachers who need to gain accreditation as a teacher or non teaching staff who require accreditation as a leader.  This professional development is delivered in a regional setting. 


  1. Mission and ministry in a Lutheran school
  2. Vocation
  3. The teacher in a Lutheran school