Equip is an in-service professional development program specifically designed to prepare and support teachers who teach Christian Studies in the Lutheran school. 

Equip is designed to:

  • give teachers the necessary information and tools to begin their journey in teaching and learning in Christian Studies
  • supply strategies to plan and deliver a course of Christian Studies to students
  • unlock the key concepts that underpin the Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) Christian Studies Curriculum Framework (CSCF)
  • prepare teachers to identify and meet the challenges that will face them

Equip is practical, equipping teachers with theology, biblical literacy, pedagogy and classroom management skills to plan for and deliver an effective Christian Studies program.

Equip is delivered in ten modules which are typically completed over a three year period.

Equip modules:

  1. What is Christian Studies?  
  2. What is my vision for Christian Studies?
  3. How do I make sense of the world?
  4. Who am I?
  5. Who is God?
  6. How do I know and relate to God?
  7. What do I do with my life?
  8. How do I live my life?
  9. How do I respond?
  10. What happens when things go wrong?