Christian Studies

 Christian Studies is a Key Learning Area in the curriculum structure of a Lutheran school and is an essential part of the Christian education program which is the total life of the school.  It acknowledges that all people are on a lifelong journey of faith expressed in many dimensions of life.  It presents to students a Christian worldview and a pathway for making meaning in their lives.

Christian Studies provides a safe and supportive context in which students can reflect on their experiences of the world and on their own beliefs and spirituality as they attempt to make sense of their rapidly changing and complex global environment. In the Christian Studies classroom learners are engaged in intellectually challenging experiences that actively involve them in constructing their own meanings.  They pose their own questions, gather, analyse and reflect on information as they explore their identity as individuals in the 21st century.

Christian Studies Leaders

Each LEVNT school has a designated Christian Studies Leader (CSL) who is the key contact person for Christian Studies in the school. The CSL is responsible to and reports to the principal on all matters relating to Christian Studies.

Both the LEVNT Education Officers provide support to Christian Studies Leaders.

Christian Studies Leaders work with their principal and teachers to develop a whole-school plan that maps the strands, key ideas and outcomes covered within each Band of the Christian Studies Curriculum Framework.

Christian Studies Leaders’ Days

The LEVNT office provides professional learning days for Christian Studies Leaders. Christian Studies Leaders are encouraged to check the Events section of this website for details of forthcoming days and to contact the Education Officer Formation for specific information and/or requests.