Strategic Planning for Schools

The following is a summary of the process that LEVNT use with our schools to facilitate strategic planning sessions.

These are highly focused one-day or part-day workshops.

  1. Form planning team: all school council plus 2-3 key staff members and/or school community leaders. Team of 12 is ideal
  2. Confirm KEY STRATEGIC AREAS for the school and assign designated teams to each. Our suggested strategic areas are:
    1. Aims and core values
    2. Administrative
    3. Mission and ministry
    4. Facilities
    5. Enrolments and staffing
    6. Finances
    7. Education
    8. Marketing and promotions
    9. Futures
  3. Teams draft key statements for strategic area prior to workshop sessions.
  4. Workshop participants complete independent analysis of the school’s operations.
  5. Team leader presents draft key statement explaining context and rationale.
  6. Analysis and refinement of key statements, using material from the first comparison exercise.
  7. Key statements endorsed by whole planning group.
  8. Develop associated action for the key statements (or implementation plan). Assign an action strategy (including responsibilities) and a time frame for each statement.
  9.  Wider consultation with stakeholders and refinement of plan.
  10. Council officially adopt the plan.
  11. Key statements reviewed and refined annually.
  12. Progress / outcomes updated regularly – at least twice a year.
  13. Strategic plan is the basis for reporting to council.